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Take a piece of the Bahamas back home with you!

Among the jewels of the sea is beautiful Freeport, Bahamas. Weather you visit by cruise ship or other means if you're interested in jewelry, but are tired of the same old pieces then visit the store outstanding for it's unique, unusual and designer pieces. If you like jewelry and you are looking for something different then visit one of our two locations when you are visiting Grand Bahama Island.

Specializing in all gemstones, Colombian emeralds, exquisite tanzanite jewelry, australian opals, 10K, 14K, 18K gold, sterling silver, fine watches. Also see our Crystal, Cigars, Fine watches and leather bags & wallets. Take a piece of the Bahamas back home with you!


Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite. You will find these unique pieces no where else.

14k Diamond Circle Pendant with Chain
14k Fancy Diamond Pendant with Chain
14k Diamond and Yellow Gold Pendant with chain


Flip ring - 2 rings in 1
Sapphire & Diamonds
14k Yellow Gold Fancy Diamond Ring
14k White Gold Fancy Diamond Ring


14k Yellow Gold Fancy Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings
14k Princess cut invisibly set Diamond Earrings
14k White Gold in and out Diamond Hoop Earrings


Everyday watches such as Fossil, Diesel, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Nike & G-shock.

Swiss Watches - Movado, Longines, ESQ, Tommy Bahama, Frederique Constant, Elini. Learn more about the Philip Stein timepiece with integrated Teslar technology that increases your overall well-being by reinforcing the human body's electromagnetic field with a natural earth signal.

Philip Stein - Teslar technology
Precision Timepieces
Movado Watch

Conch Shell Jewelry

The Bahamian Conch Shell is truly a Bahamian treasure. Found on the sandy bottom of the beautiful waters surrounding our 700 islands of the Bahamas, this shell is believed to be a jewel of the sea. The conch that lives in the conch shell, has been known as an aphrodisiac. For hundreds of years Bahamians have said that when the conch is eaten, it produces strength and enhances sexual performance.

Now many are recognizing the exotic beauty of the conch shell. It colors varying from off-white to perfect pink, bringing about a feeling of purity and peace. The beauty of the shell is also remarkably in that each is unique in color. Bearing a close resemblance to pearls, this fine piece of jewelry can be worn day or night and on any occasion. We are the only store in Grand Bahama, to have fine conch jewelry.

conch jewelery
Conch Shell Jewelry
conch jewelery
Conch Shell Jewelry
conch jewelery
Conch Shell Jewelry

Marahlago Larimar

On an island in the Caribbean, a single square mountain kilometer preserves the world's only source of Larimar. This wondrous gem's limited locality makes Larimar one of the rarest gemstones in the world! The delicacy of mining makes Larimar all the more elusive. Villagers extract the stone by hand, releasing each precious blue gem from an armor of weathered basalt. To look upon Larimar is to see the swirling seas of the Caribbean emulated in a palette of ocean blue. Its extraordinary color comes from its mineral composition. Nature ensures that no two stones are alike. Marahlago designs, cuts and polishes every creation to suit the individual color, shape and pattern of each distinctive gem. The finest craftsmanship meets nature's brilliant artistry. This is the lure of marahlago Larimar.

Marahlago Pendant
Marahlago Earrings
Marahlago Bracelet


Federico Gauttieri’s upstart brand Casato has established a signature style with its collection of colorful, attention-grabbing Venus rings in 18-karat gold, glossy enamel and chunky gemstones.

Casato Ring
Casato Diamond Earrings
Casato Designer Rings


Rebecca is the number one selling fashion jewelry collection in Europe. The ‘look and feel’ of REBECCA jewelry personifies Italian-made luxury, even though starting price points are as low as $175. Italian craftsmen use stainless steel and bronze covered in 18 karat gold, and sterling silver - traditional metals used in jewelry making since the early Roman Empire - to achieve glamorous looking rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Brightly colored stones are featured throughout the collections, and many REBECCA pieces are functionally designed to be worn at various lengths. This type of versatility has been a hit with women who want to move seamlessly from the formal business day to an elegant or casual evening out on the town.

2 Rebecca Rings
Rebecca Pendant
2 Rebecca Rings


Crystal - View are Sardinia Crystal imported from Italy

Crystal Ballerina
2 Crystal Figurines
Sardinia Crystal Vase


Enter our special humidity controlled room and choose from a selection of cuban cigars.

Cuban Cigars
Habana Cuban Cigars
Montecrito Cuban Cigars

Leather Bags

See our leather selection. We may have the fashion you're looking for.

Leather Bags
Leather Bags
Leather Wallets

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